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Bypassing Scream in Aux Rox

I have just noticed how much better sources sound (for "true(r)" to the original source re-representation) when bypassing the Scream with aux for said mixer channel is about 3 o'clock for send & the aux buss creating some unison effect & therefore boosting volume or sumsuch?
Source is ReBirth bass via RIM op1 routed thru spider1in4out spider ops to a "Scream"Mixer & Scream mixer routed to a Master Mixer....I'm soloing only the channels in question & all panning is as should be....Scream bypassed sounds "better"/"cleaner" than the scream activated (for desired effect that is)....yet another benefit of this awesome device!....this is no complaint, it sounds great & I just wonder if anyone else has noticed it too


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