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a thought I remembered....

There was this question that I'd like to ask for a LONG LONG time...

When using Acid 4.0, one can save the song files with the "samples" you use in a folder. This is useful when you want to go back and change something without looking for the sample again (you know how painful it is to look for a sample in a "sea" of samples?)

Is this possible for Reason? If not, this might be one of the "new" thing to add to the next patch or version upgrage.

The reason why I suggested this was...I had to "format" my computer, so everything was started afresh. But when I loaded my "Reason" song files, it asks for samples. Of course, it took me forever for locate these samples since they're not in the "same" folder anymore!

Anyway, I hope Prop guys would consider adding this feature...if not, I won't cry, but thought it might be a welcome to a lot of us Reason users! Cheers....

I just remembered this "thought" this I decided to post it! Who knows when I'll remember this thought again....


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