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Old 2003-06-27, 06:49
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More beginner help - trouble with MIDI drivers

FAIR WARNING - I'm new to Reason, and I'm not a keyboard player, I'm a guitarist. But I am interested in branching out (at least in my home studio) and trying new things. If my questions are simplistic to some of you, thanks in advance for your patience.

Once I had only a Midiman 1x1 MIDI/USB port, and used it to control my POD. Life was good.

But last week I added a Midiman Keystation 61 keyboard (also a USB device) to use with Reason 2.5. Loaded the drivers, which immediately crashed my system.

I went to Midiman's site, downloaded the uninstaller for both sets of drivers along with the latest drivers for both devices. Uninstalled according to their directions, reinstalled according to their directions.

Both devices were recognized, and the wizard says both drivers were successfully installed. My system doesn't crash anymore, but Reason isn't seeing either the MIDI interface or the keyboard. But the MIDI interface will still work with SoundDiver to control my POD.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? I've checked the MIDI channels on all devices and am out of ideas.

Before I added the keyboard, my guitar to MIDI hookup was controlling Reason's synths just fine. (And man, that was fun!)

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