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Old 2003-07-01, 20:03
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Strange SFX - "Singing" RV7000 recipie (long!)

I do a whole lot of experimentation with Reason, and signal routing is my speciality.

I'd like to share a trick with you guys involving a RV7000 in a feedback loop.
If you like wierd soundscapes, you might make you drool :P

Stage 1, add devices (hold down shift to disable automatic signal routing upon creation):

1. Start with an empty rack
2. Add a 14 channel mixer
3. Add one compressor
4. Add one chorus
5. Add one RV7000
6. Finally, add one audio source (Subtractor in this example)

Stage 2, suggested device settings (MIDI values):
Compressor: Ratio 80, Threshold 64, Attack 0, Release 90
Chorus: Delay 34, Feedback 0, LFO rate 41, LFO modulation amount 40
RV7000 - Reverb settings: Algorithm Arena, Size 59.9 m (maximum), Diffusion 100, Left Delay 270 ms, Right Delay 165 ms, Stereo Lvl 0 dB, Mono Delay 100 ms, Mono Lvl -4.1 dB
RV7000 - EQ settings: Low gain -18.0 dB, Low Freq 128 Hz, Param Gain -18.0 dB, Param Freq 30 Hz, Param Q 0.8 (HPF in the ECF-42, please?!?)
RV7000 - General settings: Decay 100, HF damp 13, High EQ 16, Dry/Wet 127

Stage 3, Subtractor example sound:
Any sound source will do, but I'll use a Subtractor as an example in this "recipie" to archive that "scary" sound.

Starting from scratch (Init Patch)
Osc 1:
Phase diff 50, Waveform subtraction mode, waveform 26 (again, MIDI values here), Octave range 1, semi 0, Cent -5
Osc Mix 40
Osc 2 (turned on of course):
Phase diff 64, waveform subtraction mode, waveform 27 (MIDI), Octave range 0, semi 0, cent 5
Filter 1 set to HP, Filter 1 freq 46, Filter 2 freq 107.
LFO 2: set to Phase offset modulation, rate 13, amount 24
Velocity: Turn Filter Env Vel amount to 0 (off)
Amp Envelope:
Attack 70, Sustain 127, Release 80
Output level 127

Stage 4, signal routing:
1. Connect the mixer's master outputs to the hardware interface.
2. Connect aux send 1 to the compressor
3. Connect the compressor to the chorus
4. Connect the chorus to the RV7000
5. Instead of connecting the RV7000 to the mixer aux returns, connect it to a channel, number 14 for instance. This allows us to create a controllable feedback loop with great help from the compressor.
6. Connect your Subtractor to ch.1 (for instance) at the mixer

Now let's make some noise!
Hit a low note on your keyboard to make the Subtractor sound, you will hear the Subtractor alone.
While the Subtractor is playing, open up aux send 1 all the way up on ch.1 to send audio to the reverb.
Now, you should see on the mixer LED's that reverb is beeing sent back to ch14.
Open aux send 1 almost all the way up on ch14 to create a feedback loop. If everything is right, should have a "singing" reverb!

A final note:
The spring algorithm on the reverb is NOT recommended to try out, it creates a nasty ringing sound, not pleasant for the ears!

Looking back at it now, this became my longest post ever and I realize it would be easier to put a link to the rns file at my webserver, but hey, if you follow this recipie there's a chance you'll learn something new. Maybe even someone will come up with a new variant! If you do, please mail me your version, i'm open for suggestions =)

Good luck and have fun!

OK, i'm done. Can I have my money now?

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