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Need Serious Help Here

Ok, the other day, I was looking around my wav files (basically, just random samples I've downloaded over the years), and in there I found a bunch of folders I've never ever seen before:

Artist Loops
Big Fish Audio Free Loops
E-lab Samples
Sample Tank Samples

In these folders are subfolders with TONS of samples in them. These samples are in a few formats.

Some of them are in .wav formats, the others are in .asd formats, and others are in .sti/.sth/.stw formats.

Now, I have a few questions.

1 - Anyone know where the hell these came from? I mean, there are literally, 5 gigs of samples here.

2 - WTF is an .asd/.sti/.stw/.sth file? What are they associated with? I'm so confused right now that it's painful.

Please save me from myself.


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