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Continuity in an album

Hi guys

When writing an album, do you think it's necessary for all the tracks to be in the same style? Only all of the tracks which I have written over the past couple of years and intend to use on my album vary in style, considerably in some cases. For example:

Strong - hard trance
Newborn - techno
Ruins - electric rock
Media Frenzy - bizarre radiohead-style electronica
Quiet Life - very radiohead, melodic guitar based song

As you can see they're a pretty varied bunch.

However, the album is pretty much heart-on-sleeve stuff and is very personal, all of the tracks having important meanings and telling a story about the past few years of my life.

For this reason I want all of the tracks on the album. The continuity of the album would be broken if anything was missed out.

But do you think it's an issue that the styles vary so considerably?

Any input would be valued.

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