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Old 2003-07-05, 10:36
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Another feature request: midi controller heaven

Hi all,

This feature i'm missing in *all* audio related programs i'm using: i want the possibility to assign one midi controller knob from my controller (e.g. CC41 on CH1) to control the active parameter knob on screen.

For example if i click the aux 1 on the mixer, I could simple move this assigned midi controller knob to control it. If i then click the filter on a substractor, i could use the same midi controller knob to control the filter. Et cetera.

This makes (my) life much easier, since i hate to re-assign the midi controller knobs all the time. Having this feature, i only have to assign multiple knobs for live performance or when actually want to control several parameters at the same time.

So what do you think?

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