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Old 2003-07-08, 05:40
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"Cowboy" samples and pulling samples from DVD's

Hi all. A couple of questions regarding samples:

First off, I'm working on a kitschy experimental spaghetti-western breakbeat track. I'd like to include vocal samples like "Ride 'em, cowboy!" and "Yee-hah!", maybe some nice downhomey arid banjo licks, guitar licks, etc. Can anyone guide me to a place, online or otherwise, where I can find what I'm looking for?

Also, has anyone discoverd a good way to pull samples from DVD's? I've tried playing DVD's on my computer, recording the clip(s) I wanted with the computer's "built-in" sound recorder, then loading the sample(s) into the NN-XT/NN-19. It works, but the samples sound fuzzy and lo-fidelity, even when I filter and compress them. The "glitchiness" seems to be happening between the DVD and the recorder. They're well. Any way to remedy this? Are there other, better ways to pull samples from movies just using the computer?

Thanks for any advice!


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