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Funny Propellerhead Dream #2

This is the second funny Propellerhead/Reason dream I've had, but much more vivid than the first one.
I was going to go kayaking, but on the way I met up with Ola. We went to his strange apartment, which had a courtyard with lots of doors. All the doors lead to a different Prop Head staff apartment. Then an old friend of mine showed up and we convinced Ola to get some secret software from Headquarters. My friend and I waited in Ola's apartment with all the lights off. While he was gone, Ola's girlfriend came home with some groceries, not upset to have two guys standing around in the dark. Ola came back with a big pile of disks for us. I went outside for something and noticed my kayak was missing. I found that the people I was to kayak with had taken it and were about to leave. I had to leave too, without the cool top secret software from Ola, so I still don't know what they are up to.
I've never met or corresponded with Ola in my life. I sure like Reason.
Tim's Funny Propellerhead Dream #1

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