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HELP: MIDI remote control via ReWire?

I'm running Cubase SX and Reason 2.5 under MacOS X with a MIDI controller that features both my keyboard and 12 CC knobs. Here's what I would like to be able to do, which so far I can't figure out if it's possible or not:

1. Create a MIDI track in SX, map it to a Reason instrument via ReWire.

2. Record CC data into SX's MIDI track.

3. Use Reason's MIDI Remote Mapping to map the CC number to a synth parameter, with the ReWire host as the MIDI source (In the preferences panel, I only see my hardware MIDI ports).

4. Play back the sequence and have the automation recorded in SX control the Reason module in real time.

So far, the only way I've found to to anything similar to this is to record the CC data directly into Reason and have it play back the automation from Reason's sequencer (not Cubase SX's) in sync with SX. This means that I have automation data in two places, which I'd rather avoid; I use several VST instruments in addition to Reason, and the above technique prevents me from switching the MIDI track to control a non-Reason instrument without losing the automation.

Does anyone know if what I want to be doing here is even possible, and if so, what I'm doing wrong? I've verified that CC data is being transmitted from SX to Reason (for example, pitch bend and mod wheel control, which is CC data, works under the above model), so what exactly is broken here?

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