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GIGA to NNXT conversion problem

Whether I use CDXtract or AWAVE, and whether i convert to NNXT or SF2, some programs (and the .wav files associated) when loaded into the NNXT will not play, they just sound like clicks or maybe quick high hats. I converted a giga library called Voices of the Apocolpyse (men's choir)- and some patches will work and some will not. I can play the .wav files for the patch that doesnt work in an audio player and it sounds just fine- but even if i try to load it as a solo .wav into the NNXT it will still sound like a high hat. It does this on more than one computer and with all of the voices of the apocolypse patches (men, women, angels and demon) and possibly other giga libraries. Any ideas? I cant find any difference between a .wav that will play and one that translates in the NNXT as a highhat sounding click thing. thanks in advance!

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