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OT - OS X Midi setup question...

Ok, I'm feeling kind of dumb here. I used to be well versed in OMS under OS 9, with studio setup documents, patchname files, and all that. Under OS X, in the Audio MIDI Setup app, I've got my AMT8 with virtual cables connecting it to my various devices on the right ports. My devices are named things, like Korg M1, Pocket Control, Nova, etc. Now, is there ANY way to make the devices show up by NAME instead of just "Unitor8 Port 1" in Reason or any other OS X MIDI app for that matter? All I'm using these days is Logic 6, Reason, and Max/MSP. Is this just a dumb oversight on Apple's part where we have to wait 10+ years for something so incredibly simple to be implemented? Or am I missing something really fundamental here? I mean, the name is defined RIGHT THERE in the Audio Midi Setup app, why can't this info get to the app which is selecting a MIDI port/channel via coreMIDI? I'm soooo frustrated at this...

- R

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