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Mad Subtractor science

I was sitting 250 feet in the air on one of those free-fall rides at an amusement park today, when I started to wonder about the range on the filter freq cutoff knob, and what the values 0-127 coorespond to in hz. Obviously, I didn't have a computer with me to look up the info on the net, so I tried to think of a way to experimentally determine what I was looking for.

So here's the setup I came up with (later, while in line for a rollercoaster):

1) Empty Rack plus Subtractor.
2) From the init patch, automate the filter freq in steps of 1 over 128 bars.
3) Set the filter resonance to 127.
4) Turn the mix to 127 (to effectively mute the main oscillator)
5) Enable noise, and try to get white noise. This is actually what the initial settings are, so I'm fine there.
6) Play one note over the whole song.

And when I finally got home, I gave this setup a shot. What I heard was basically that the filter frequency increases by one semitone for each increase of one on the knob.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share this discovery of mine, which I'm sure is not news to most people here. Also, I'm sure that someone has posted the complete conversion table before, and that would still be good info to have. So if someone could post a link to that, I'd very much appreciate it

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