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Remixing 101: Vocal Tracks & Reason

Okay, here's the scenario: you've bought Reason and have come up with some slammin beats. You've chummed up with your favorite artist and you let her hear some - she likes! So she hits you off with the Holy Grail - a DAT of her vocal track ...

Okay, what would be your ideal solution for getting her vocals alongside those Reason tracks? I know most would say "Well, you need a multitrack Logic/ProTools/etc solution." but is that the only way? I mean, you could also sample the track and use pieces of it (with ReCycle?) - but something like Logic is probably best if you're using the entire track (especially for pitchshifting - right?).

Some more questions I have:
How does Logic, etc. tie that vocal track down to my Reason beat? Would I also need timecode information?

What would be the perfect thing to receive in a scenario like this? That DAT of the vocal track? A Logic file burnt to CD? An AIFF on CD?

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