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Old 2003-07-30, 10:18
Dice125 Dice125 is offline
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Epic Lift and PC [remix]. Tell me what you think~


Epic Lift:

i finally finished this nice Progressive Trance Epic track!
tell me what you guys think, i personally think that this is my best production since my old track, "Kimono Dance".


this is the REMIX version of Necro's newest track, PC (some might not know him). its a heavy metal song, that ive remixed it into what i feel would sound comfortable. i didnt know how to style this one, so its mostly up to you guys to decide.
i think this track came out pretty cool, but i want your input

Tell me what you think!


dice.s [ 125 ] @ kombo-teck.

=Epic Lift:
*RPS Refill Roster:
Percustuff Refill
V-station Refill 01

**MP3 Version
Size: 5.75MB
Duration: 6:13
Quality: 128kbps

=PC [Remix]
*mp3 only!

duration: 1:52

*i gave it a little bad quality to it so i can get the good ones to stay with Necro. so mind the part when the string comes in and the muffleness of the guitar (its done on purpose)*
-125.mp3]PC [Remix]

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