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Old 2003-07-30, 19:25
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Bad Dream (radiohead remix competition)

I just had it cleared through, so here it is:

New track: (100% Reason 2.5)

b4d dr34m (Bad Dream)

Experimental Electronic Rock. Strange, moody and intence. Burbling textures, pounding rhythms and Guitar Hero stylings.

This was my submission for the remix competition. Various loops and samples were provided, by consent from, to use them for the purpose of their remix competition only.

The real challenge on this one was tweaking the loops I selected, sufficiently.. so they could be used at all. All of the loops were so out of rhythm, that I wasn't sure what the hell to do with 'em at first.

I ended up bringing them into Recycle and working with them from there. Even after slicing I had to rearrange them and quantize to get what I was going for out of each loop.

I also had to vocode some of the loops that had tone, so they would match the key I was in.

Well.. it took a week.. but it was fun.

If you're interested in remixing these loops and entering the competition you can find them at Click on "The Loophole" to get started.

Listen to and/or Download "Bad Dream" HERE (click me)

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