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Old 2003-07-31, 21:39
chronkite chronkite is offline
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*tap*tap*.. Is this thing on?...*cough*..Hey, everybody...

I'm really suspicious of self promotion. It's everywhere, and I know, if you don't do it, who will? But it's like HEYLOOKATMEI DIDTHISDONTYOUTHINKITSCOOLARENTICOOLTOO??HUH???HUH ???HUH???
We're all looking for approval, and there's no problem with that. But maybe we shouldn't look for it here. I think I'd rather hear negative stuff, which lets me defend my work, which forces me to deal with aspects maybe I'm blind to. I have an idea that skins are a bit too thin on this site for any kind of serious critical forum, so the dialog can kinda turn in to grab-assing if you're not careful.
Having said that, I would like to utilize the remainder of this soliloquy for, (you guessed it) SHAMELESS CAPITALIST SELF PROMOTION.
Friends, I don't want your APPROVAL, I want your DOLLARS! That's right I NEED it! Got to HAVE it! I....I....oh what's the use. I just don't have it in me. I tried, but you know as well as I that there's no money to be made here. Buying music is like taking sand to the beach, ESPECIALLY electronic music. I earn what little I do in other ways, I don't need your pennies. (Unless you are an indie label/videogame/movie/documentary producer, or an altruistic, wealthy patron of the Arts with a thing for glitch-pop,etc...I really do want your money.WINK WINK Call me, baby.)
For all the rest of you electro-paupers, feel free to download a sampling of stuff done using the great Reason, please include it on mixtapes, burn cdrs for your pals, upload it to your favorite file-sharing network, leave it as a tip, whatever you like, 'cause it ain't hurtin' me. Hey Bono, hey Metallica, suck on that. HA HA!
And also, if there's anyone out there who HATES my music, please drop me a line. I'm a scrapper! I will also happily review your tracks, on this board or by email, and I'll be honest. Thanks for your brainspace.

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