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Old 2003-07-31, 19:57
DjDarkside DjDarkside is offline
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A quick question about exporting MIDI...

Im trying to export the MIDI information out of Reason 2.0.1 and import that same information into Sonar 2.0 so that I can print out the music score.

Now my problem is:

When I export the MIDI information out of Reason and open it in Sonar, I only get 37 bars of MIDI information that shows. Even tho I know that the song I want is about 89 bars long. It seems like Reason isnt allowing the full set of MIDI information to export.

My question is:

What should I do or try to fix this problem? Have any of you ever run into this problem before?

Any information would be greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance,

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