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MIDI Remote Control Problem

I have two usb MIDI controllers hooked up to my computer, an oxygen 8 midiman and a tascam us-224. I've chosen my remote control device under advance MIDI to be my "tascam us-224 control" and assigned my 4 faders to control channel faders 1-4 on the remixer, and the master fader to control master, and set the transport controls and all of that is working nicely.

My midiman oxygen8 is set to port 1 under my main midi preferences. The little single slider on this thing ALSO controls the master fader on the remix mixer, which is okay i guess, meaning that I am getting some response in the remote control department of the oxygen 8, but maybe its because that's the default?

With no luck in the getting reason to recognize MIDI information from my 8 pots on the oxygen 8 (well it is recognizing the pots, but they're controlling faders on the remixer, once again maybe because that's the default setup? i want them to control th epan pots and aux pots!) , I set my oxygen 8 as my main controller under the advanced midi properties, kicking off the tascam (making it not functional within reason, which is understood) and was finally able to set the 8 pan pots on the oxygen 8 to control various knobs on the remix mixer. But alas, no functioning tascam us224 to control my faders and transport controls, so my maaain question is, if i were to buy a MIDI cable and hook the two devices together, is there some way reason could recognize them both as main remote controllers within reason? And would i still be able to use the keys on my oxygen 8 to play music with (ie play notes in the subtractor).

This is super hard to get across in typing, but i hope it makes sense to someone, if it does, any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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