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Old 2003-08-03, 20:16
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NN-XT pitch detection and automap are great

I downloaded some stuff from They have a bunch of multisampled instruments for the AKAI s5/6000 format. I only tried the mellotron samples and they're OK, but there's some other interesting vintage stuff - ARP String Ensemble, Prophet 5, Hohner Clavinet, Rhodes, Wurli, Roland Vocoder, etc.
As Reload only works with CDs, I had to map the samples in NN-XT myself. Now, I started mapping according to the pitches indicated in the WAV file names, and it sounded all wrong. I then decided to let the NN pitch detection and automap do their stuff and Bingo! Both right on the money, in general.
So if you check out those samples, don't trust the root notes in the file names too much. Reason's pitch detection and automap, on the other hand, seem to be absolutely trustworthy.

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