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I can't believe I finally made it....

Hi All,

New user here! Still giddy from smacking the tab key all night. I recieved 2.0 yesterday. WOW! And just when I was getting use to programming on the W-30...

If you don't mind, I need configuration recommendations. My current config is as follows...
P4 2GHz, 512MB, IntelD845PEBT2 motherboard (POS) with integrated SoundMaxx (A97) audio chipset, W2K Pro.

Audio stutters periodically. Reason is not the reason. Audio stutters on the "Microsoft Sound" during startup.

Yes, I know... Get a Mac! For the time being, my secret love for Mac must remain in the closet.

Your hardware suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I look forward to checking out your songs and posts, as well sharing a few tracks of my own.


Jack Sweet

By the way...
It's been 12 years since my last gig at 1015 Folsom. I'm a bit curious to know what happened to some of the Bay Area's finest. Richie Haddlesey (UK), Maxx, Goa Gill, Sunshine (DubTribe), Halem, Ghost, the Hardkiss family, Cpt. Crunch, Gary (Code Blue)...


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