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Old 2003-08-06, 16:25
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First Impressions do hinder us (Ode to a redrum)

The other day I was recanting the ire I had for Redrum programming right from the start that I bought Reason.

It sort of started like this. "Damn, it doesn't have any preprogrammed patterns, what's that?". Then I thought, "Where's the redrum pattern sequencer?". Which led me to "This master sequencer pattern pasting sucks, it's to impresice drawing the patterns, I get it pasting half way into bars all the time". So then I tried using the redrum edit steps as a mini sequencer, but screamed "NOO..., it doesn't paste into the next consecutive steps augh!"

Well, almost a year later after learning a lot about reason I decided to revist the problem. Now I could just kick myself.

- pasting patterns helps if you use the snap to grid efficiently to draw presice patterns in the master sequencer and;

- given that realization, I can go ahead now and use the 64 pattern banks to copy and paste patterns between them instead of the edit steps section in Redrum.

Jeez, to think that all this time my once powerful knowledge on drum hardware machines was laid to waste because of my first impressions with redrum.

My point is that, often times, people post messages about how ineffective reason is here and there. While some of it's true, some of it is biased in inexperience. Even for some of us who have been around for awhile and read the books and manuals.

And yeah, I realize there's still no preprogrammed patterns for the redrum. You'd think they'd have a little load/save button thingy on redrum just for patterns.

I mean it shouldn't be to hard to create a universal understanding of what drum sounds should go in each channel in order for ALL preprogrammed patterns to work.

Well I'm generally a much happier camper now. Now I can go back to pattern playing like my old hardware.

Vive la Reason!!

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