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Old 2003-08-07, 21:07
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Patch change message from MIDI controller.

So I have an evolution UC-16 (I love knobs) and a few of the knobs setup to send a patch change message to Reason. The idea was that I could use a bunch of the knobs to change patterns for the various drum machines and matrix devices while playing a song to get some nice variations.

Here's the problem: While not actually playing the Reason song in the sequencer my patch change messages are queued. IE: I rotate a knob, then once the drum machine gets back to beat one does it actually change. Yet when I press play in the transport bar, my patch change messages happen instantly. Even worse is if you press a pattern change button on Redrum or Matrix with the mouse while playing it cues up the change just like usual.

I can understand why you might want to sequence with instant patch changes, but playing live that becomes a real pain.

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