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Old 2003-08-09, 05:02
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Interface enhancements to speed up workflow in Reason

I'm not asking for new off-the-wall hardware. No audio recorder, arpeggiator, 5.1 mixer, im not asking for nearly that much. Just a minor keyboard/UI change.

The only gripe i have at all with Reason is that switching between the hardware and sequencer windows is tedious. It got better with the new version, but it still could be perfect.

Only ONE window per song open. Ctrl + Tab then works as it's supposed to.

Allow this single window to be maximized within Reason's MDI environment.

Make the GRAVE key (above TAB, with the ` and ~ symbols on it) switch between the HAREWARE and SEQUENCER windows. Simple enough, just keep the single split window setup and make GRAVE toggle which one is maximized.

When the SEQUENCER panel is active, TAB should flip between EDIT and ARRANGE modes. Just as TAB now flips the hardware rack to do wiring. If the window is split, the half with focus gets the tab input.

Yes, i know that Ctrl + 1 and Ctrl + 2 exist. Not good enough.

That's it. That alone could make Reason a thousand times faster and more productive than it already is. And good lord is it, god i love Reason, and i can't imagine reason being even faster to work with.

If this could come out as a 2.6 upgrade, i'd probably die of happiness.

While i'm at it I would also suggest two other ideas for some new UI options that arent quite so simple. These dont need to happen and wont benefit anyone but those with high res monitors, but resolutions that high are more common now than when Reason came out, and its time reason moved up too.

1. The ability to have the list of sequencer tracks always docked on the left side of the screen, and on the right would be the hardware / sequencer window. Switching between any of 30+ pieces of hardware would be instantaneous and within reach at all times.

2. The ability to have all half-size FX boxes to the right of the hardware rack. This would make the main rack far, FAR less cluttered. I did the measuring,and unfortunately only those with 1152 x 864 resolution or higher would get this feature, but that is SO much empty space that could be put to better use, and the organization of the whole rack would be phenomenal. The mixer is the perfect height to fit all 4 of its fx boxes right next to it. The new full size hardware would stay as is of course, but small boxes could still be docked next to those. It would also make sense to still allow fx hardware to stay in their old spots. And in that case, an option to automatically dock fx boxes to the new spots when loading old files would be nice as well.

These two options could be resolution dependant in a few ways. Either being active automatically if the screen is big enough, or as an option to turn on, with the default being off.

And as far as audio recording ability, yes i want it, but i would almost be content with just a way to pass audio directly through reasons effects in real time, no recording involved. Need to record? Record, EDIT (reason would need this), and Save wav files with another piece of software and use an NN-19 or NN-XT. If i could hear what an effect box would do to something in real time, that would be sweet. Testing out a vocoder, for example, or playing a mic-ed guitar like you're playing through a guitar pedal. Reason would need a hell of a lot more work to be a recording studio, so just get a separate one like cool edit.

But real time fx tweaking, that would be sweet. Not to mention the exceptional ability to perform live with accurate effects. That's all the more i'd need from Reason.

One last request (sorry). The window for choosing files is Modal (on top until closed) and stopping current playback is a pain, especially if hitting cancel causes you to lose the folder you browsed to. Being able to at least start/stop playback from this window would be nice.

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