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Old 2003-08-09, 20:24
chaunceyc chaunceyc is offline
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Selection tools and Sequencer improvements

I realize Reason's sequencer is limited compared to a full-blown DAW, but I think I would give up using everything else 95% of the time if Reason would make the following basic improvements to the sequencer.

1) Shortcuts for selecting Tools (hand, zoom, select, etc.)

2) Selection methods other than lassoing. I despise the lasso method, especially when you have such limited screen real estate. Between zooming, scrolling, getting your precise selections (without grabbing anything else nearby, it is time-consuming and frustrating to the workflow. A keyboard based "select from", "select to" command would be wonderful. and the standard shift arrow selection method is a must.

3) A "go-to" command key function

4) A "set Left to now" command and "set Right to now"

5) "Select from now to end" command and "select now to beginning" command...again, these could be windows standards and presumeably mac has similar standard keystrokes used in Word Processors, etc.

Shift Home = select from now to Beginning of song
Shift End = select from now to end of song
Shift Left arrow select from now to one measure left
Shift Right Arrow, Shift PgUp, PgDn...etc

6) A time display in mm:ss. I'm setting up live templates, and I have no idea how long the song is except by using a calculator. 4 x no. of measures/bpm. I know this changes if the bpm changes, but this is not rocket science. Computers are good at figuring this out...why is this not displayed?

Granted, I am very new to Reason so I may just be missing some of these shortcuts or features buried in the menus. I have used lots of other DAW and sequencers over the years, and Reason would blow them away for my uses if it had these very basic functions.


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