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Old 2003-08-15, 20:30
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Please help me choose an interface/daw...

-I am a mac guy - g4 1 gig ram os 10.2.6 and ibook g3 384mg ram os 10.2.6

-I am mostly a guitar and keyboard player with many analog instruments (rhodes, guitars - acoustic and electric - hardward synths, percussion, etc that I want to use.

- I currently use a mackie 16 channel analog mixer with an adat lx20

- I would like to scrap the lx20 and start recording on my mac
but I love mixing on my mackie and and would like to continue if at all possible - at least to use the inputs cauuse they have good preamps


- for a daw I need something osx and rewire compat and reasonable priced - not too complex - as it is i dont have enough time- i have been thinking ableton live - even though I dont do a lot of loop stuff people still say it is good for doing "tape recording " style tracks - I also know of cubase SL i think (the 200 dollar one) and pro tools LE - dont know which is best for me and my needs.

- for the interface I would like something mobile - not a card - because I also have a laptop that I would like to take around to other parts of my studio to record with so I guess I would like something like the New M-Audio Firewire 410 - if they ever ship it - it has 8 outs so I guess I could like assemble the 8 outs in Ableton Live and then route them to my mixer and then the mixer to my 2 track mastering unit - but I dont really know now if that is even neccesary - is that dumb to go to the mixer? I dont have too many outside effects - just reverb and compression - should I go with a mobile usb and then how would that work - would I rca it to the mixer and use the mixer inputs?

someone please advise
I am moving soon to a bigger mortgage and want to make the purchase soon - for the interface i dont really want to spend more than about $400

thanks all

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