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question: HARDWARE Mystery integration

Hi Everyone!

I know most of you have a great interest in producing killer music and sounds to give yourselves as much amazing variety as you can.
My experiences with reason have been fantastic and I know there is still so much to learn, so it's pretty exciting.

I'm curious for some advice. I feel a lot more comfortable talking about software, because hardware scares me a bit, so i guess this post is to ask a question I've been interested about for a while.

Imagine a hypothetical *Professional* highest end studio, including reason rewired to a mixer s/w package (cubase/nuendo) and some nice monitors.
okay that's pretty good. now, I know there is so much variety in the sounds produced by reason tweaking (infinite probably!), and some of the free refill downloads have introduced me to the 'vintage' synth sounds, which I like.

My question is this Hardware synths. this is a newbioe question, because I don't reall yknow what is out there, but it is more than that, it's also a question for advice on a selection of hardware synths/effects devices (not necessarily requiring a rack). I know there is no perfect setup, it relies on individual's preferences and experiences. My criteria are variety.. (do many synths have the same samples, eg yamaha and korg?) and are there sound on those that you can't get from reason? what are their effects like...? can you feed them through nuendo S/pdif and record them into your track, and is it a good idea?

Buzz words I;ve seen thrown around on the forums:

KORG TRITON (what an awesome looking expensive beauty this is.... can it be integrated with reason..? what advantages/disadvantages does it have? how does it compare to other synths in terms of a BALANCE between intuitive ease of use AND quality? Will one of you guys buy me one to play with?

OTHER SYNTHS... umm JUNO ? that's a nice word.. I have no idea what it is... it sounds like some kind of aquatic mammal

other fx boxes? is three a top 3 for reason users?

I'm asking this especially because as reason users we have the unique advantage of using it's sounds in our arsenals, and therefore, certain synth sounds may be not rquired, and others maybe rare and sought after..

is any other hardware needed to feed these cool sounds into a reson/based final mix (eg thru a rewire-like system?)

well if your still reading this THANKYOU! Any help with this mystery would be cool

box shaped objects scare me...
**hugs pillow




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