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Old 2003-08-17, 01:35
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MicroPatches - A knobtwiddler's dream or a silly idea?

While we are on the subject of rack mangagment, signal routing and knob-tweaking, i'd like to share a little idea i've had since i've first laid my dirty fingers on Reason 1.0.1.
Reason is indeed a modular beast, you have to sweat a little to get that sound in your head to move the speaker cones the way you want. Tweak thoose knobs and switches and not to mention signal routing (!).
Signal routing is what I like the most with Reason, but often I feel it happens on a level one step or two too high.

Here's my idea come in to play:
Imagine having every section of any device as a dedicated module. Take for instance the Subtractor synthesizer, I would love to have the LFO or a envelope generator as a dedicated module, or to have a single oscillator from the Malstr

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