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Old 2003-08-16, 22:23
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MacroParches second try (follow up on Idea inspired by Red)

Good to see that the reaction was good to the idea, I would like to address some points that were raised in the previous thread:

1) Reason is a Do It Yourself kind of tool for people who like tweaking, etc...

Yeah I agree but that doesn't mean we have to reinvent the wheel each time we make a new song. I mean it would be so much easier to just import macropatches directly from a refill or a folder.

2) The macropatch feature can already be achieved by doing template songs.

Again I agree that it's possible, but that's not convenient at all, you have to browse through hundreds of songs and then cut and paste the sound structure into your current song.
For the record I'm already doing that, I just converted a few patches from my Korg MS2000 and it rocks soundwise but it's a pain to manage the template songs. Again macropatches look more appealing.

3) Props should rather build a better synth like those VSTis

Hum, I must say that on this one I completely disagree. Basically we can already make the almost anything, it's just a matter of connecting the right modules together and to set the knobs right I mean a macropatch would be exacly that (I know it because as I said I was able to convert patches from my Korg MS2000 into reason by wiring a Substractor into a chorus and a reverb).

4) Why don't they do it ?

Honestly that looks like a pain in the a.. to come up with the right concept on how to implement macropatches with the current graphic user interface. Somehow I see that has a hierarchy of modules, so for example you would have a module named (macropatch with a set of CVs on the back), and when you click on it, it would unfold in a separate window. The unfolded macropatch would simply look like what we see now, except that at the top, instead of a rewire stuff, you would see macropatch in/outs. (I hope it's clear ! lol)

Anyway, this macropatch would be really a dream. And honestly I think people from music mags would love this feature as well, because conceptually that looks a bit like Sessions for Reaktor 4 (which got rave reviews).



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