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Old 2003-08-15, 20:55
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When will props compete??? Pt. 2

Most of you guys that replied to the first post have serious problems. i don't care how much you amp up reason but it does not competes with a triton, as far as sound quality. if reason had patches that could compete with the triton, alot more hip hop artists would use reason. so all you trance heads, should shut the F**k up, go pop a pill with some cold water and think about flowers or something. i haven't heard a platinum artist on this site yet so you guys chill out.

in essence all that i'm saying is, that there should be better sounds added to reason, i end up having to sample the triton and other hardware to get that kickass sound.

so all you trance heads why don't you modulate, and swirl on that.

some of you guys are really ignorant. you should read the first post again instead of imagining an argument.

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