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Weird Latency

I just bought a Soundblaster Extigy (I know, I know, I could have gotten something MUCH better if I'd just been willing to put out the cash, but I'm a cheapskate that actually doesn't mind its latency).

I also just upgraded the memory in my computer to 512 MB. And after doing that I noticed something kinda weird.

The latency I was experiencing before the upgrade was around 42 ms. After the upgrade my latency dropped to around 32 ms. That's good, but it's not the weird part...

If I start pushing the latency even lower (below 32 ms), I get into a certain range where the sound breaks up, as expected. That nasty staticy sound we're all familiar with. But then - around 20 - 25 ms (somewhere in there), the sound clears up again. From that point all the way down to 2 ms of latency, the sound is clear as a bell. BUT... the latency is NOT what the slider says. It's more like half a second to a second. Hit the key... wait... then hear the sound.

This isn't a problem for me - I just set the slider back to 32 ms - but it's a strange behavior that I wasn't expecting. I expected the sound to be completely broken up all the way down. Can anyone explain why it does this?

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