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Old 2003-08-21, 19:21
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interviews with registered reason users...

with all this talk about sound quality, famous users, and all that I just got an idea. I sent this to the web feedback page, but I do wonder what you all think..

I just had an idea, based on yet another "what famous people use reason" thread..

I replied that the guy should check out some of the people who frequent the board, my example was pr0g7ronic, but there are many others who write great stuff (not to mentune blank himself).

(I'm getting to the point... don't worry)

companies like ablton, NI and others publish interviews with famous pros all the time. And you guys don't. that's fine. I don't trust those kind of interviews anyway..

But how about running interviews (with mp3 examples) of carefully chosen registerd reason users that frequent the board, or publish RBS files on your web site?

this will be great for a number of reasons. both to you and the community of reason users.

1 - exposure on the front page of your web site.

2 - giving your registered users something to look forward too (If I'm good, they might interview me)

3 - front page exposure to music that is really great. that showcases what reason is REALLY capable of.

4 - content to publish on your site (currently there is'nt much that changes on it, except for the discovering reason articles)

I would LOVE to know what you guys think of this. Let me know...

and pick ME... for one of them please... ;-)


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