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OT: 12 or 15" PB? suggestions PLS

I own an older G4 400mhz, and have decided to buy a laptop. In my reading I have found that the 12 and 15" PB are perhaps all i can afford. A few questions.

1) what is the advantage of the L3 cache? will it make that huge a difference?
2) for the price i could probably get the 12" with the superdrive or the regular 15"? are the difference in specs that extreme?

I am going to be using the machine to do shows (with reason), as well as some portable recording with Digital Performer and a firewire in/out. I also do some design and film work, and may or may not want to do it on the road. i know the 12" may make it hard to do video and design stuff, but is it a fair trade off so i can get the DVD burner?

any suggestions would be most welcome. And i appologize for starting another thread about computers, but i very much respects and appreciate the collective knowledge of the people that contribute to this board.

Oh yah, i am a 100% mac user, so "this windows machine is better" remarks will fall on deaf ears (which makes audio apps fun to use).

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