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G5 News and other surprises. *Read*

G-5 News:
great machine heh? If your're buying one, read on. a bit of bad news for some of you out there. the voltage in the pci slots is different from G4's & G3's & older models. some cards won't run on it. plain and simple. (i still think it's the most powerful personal computer mankind has seen to date.) gettting back to the news:
Digi 001 - Nope!
Motu - well currently, no. exisiting owners of pci hardware will recieve a new card for a resonable price.
M-audio - no word yet...a bit scary for the lots of you out there!!
Terratec- same story here.

plan on FireWire initially, 828MKII or M-410 if it pull's it off. that would be so so nice. it's a shame usb 2.0 is well over a year old and 1, (edirol) unit is out there. firewire could reign supreme audio king by next year minus the hd realm.

Audio Interfaces:
AudioMediaIII, 001, Mbox - if you have one, you can now trade it for 002Rack for about $800.00 us dollars. i got details if you need them
now this is big. digi(again), mbox, 002, 002R, HD - all will come with very soon...(u.s.a. only possibly? i dunno.)
1. IK Mutimedia's Sampletank LE, Amplitube, & T-Racks.

2.Abelton's Live - what?...aaaaannnnnnndddd.......

from what i know, abelton's live & the beloved reason- will be some sort of LE versions w/ an option to upgrade to full strengh. So give up your crappy soundblaster and your cracked copy of reason and get with the program. Who would of thought?

Mach 5 for windows to be available for download @ today, all copies out there have previously been been mac only.

Remote25 audio card version by x-mas and it blows away the Ozone. sorry.

the ion and the ms200b sound really dope for electronic music and they a few hundred more bucks than reason.

new controller reported in development from uh...***** no not p-heads, but will be massive if it actually is released.

turntable news...
technics SL-1200MKII & MKIII -sad sad!! discontinued now. it's the new MK-5 from now on. there are limited edition MK 5G's w/ blue led's, "low-rider" black glidder style paint job and a 16% + - pitch. if you are planning on buying tables, get these as they will be a phat source of income should you ever need it. and are sick.


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