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Questions about future releases

Hi all,

ive some questions, which i would like to ask about future releases of reason ... well in fact its just two questions, and one bug report. dont know if its well known.

first, the questions:

1.) will it be possible in future releases to record from more than one midi source? right now ive got 3 midi devices working with reason...

2.) is there any way to stop that "please point to where the refill is" problem? wheres the problem? when im using refills, i always have to reassign all files when im loading a song. especially annoying, when they all are basically in the same folder. this is a problem, which is around reason 1.0, i dont know, why it hasnt been solved till now ... why not just implement relative paths?

now to the bug report:

i noticed, if using many devices (20 or more) and using automation on the most of 'em, the automation could get lost sometimes. i cant really reproduce it, but i had that problem very often with the bigger songs. i can still see the green rectangle around the slider/knob, but izt doesnt move. in the sequencer, i cant see a thing, it just says "not automated" .. when i rightclick on that slider/knob and say "edit automation", it works again. i can see the seq line and the automation works...

sorry for not giving any accurate info for how to reproduce this, but i think, i should not be the only one experiencing this...

dont get me wrong, i love reason and im looking forward to future releases/patches (though reason is one of the apps, which comes nearly bugfree out of the box! thumbs up!)

m0ve aka Argonaut

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