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Old 2003-08-31, 18:10
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Can't get Reason to Rewire w/ Core Audio drivers-Logic 6.2

No matter how I try, I can't get Reason to output any sound (or get sound in Logic) when using the Core Audio drivers for either my EMI 2/6 or 6/2 interfaces.
What is weird, is the fact that Logic and Reason worked perfectly when I first starting using them (both at the same time). 6.0 with Logic (now I have updated to 6.2) and 2.5 with Reason.
Seems after I installed Ableton Live and Protools LE 6.1, Logic and Reason won't play nicely.

I can use the Direct I/O (Digi002) driver with Live and Reason (as slave) with zero problems. Logic, at this point doesn't support Direct I/O.

I can use the Core Audio driver with Live and Reaon (again, Reason as slave).

I can use Reason with Protools LE 6.1.

So it seems to be a Logic 6.2 issue.

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