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Legality question:

Okay, so I had a girl come in and sing. One take we did was of her favorite song which, while reasonably popular in the late 80's R&B world, has never been a stand-out chart buster.

I have used bits and pieces of this in a song. My song is one that I wrote 100% and bears *zero* similarity to the other song. I have REXed pieces of her singing the first song, and it makes most of the vocal track. As a matter of fact, I wrote the bulk of the song before I thought to add the vocals.

The person who wrote the lyrics could probably notice several lines though they're out of order, and we're talking like maybe 4 sentences out of a pretty wordy original tune.

So, the recording is mine. The song is mine. The (few) lyric lines are borrowed, rearranged and truncated to make new lyrics. Basically, I have done a highly selective remix of the vocals where all the source recordings are mine.

Question: Do I have a problem, legally, or is this sort of a fair-use thing becasue it really sounds nothing like the original and I haven't used their recording?

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