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Problems with bass

Have been having problems making bass sound sweet in my mix. At first i thought it must be that the bass sounds i was using were not good enough. But i got hold of a load more sample cds etc and still can't seem to get the bass sounding sweet. I know it must be something to do with EQuing. But have fiddled around with the parametric and mixer eqs and just can't get that sweet bass sound.
When i listen to Pro Records you can always hear the bass sounding sweet in it's own frequency range. Mine sounds all muffled and blends in too heavily with the mix.
Please let me know or help guide me through ways in which to get my bass sounding proper. I remember the Reason 2.5 promo vid and there was a track done by a user here and the bass was sounding very sweet. I make hip hop also so it's one of the most important aspects of the mix.
Thanks Alot

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