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Old 2003-09-05, 10:31
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M-Audio Firewire410!! it's in! I'm SO EXCITED!!!

Sam Ash just called me!

i can't go get it 'till tomorrow or the day after, but after it being on order since the beginning of APRIL - i can't believe it's FINALLY HERE!! WHOOOOOP WHOOOOOOOO!!!!

If this thing works as advertised i WILL be SO STOKED!!!

i heard rumours (410 read-me file posted @ that it is NOT compatible with NI VSTi's yet, but i don't use VSTi's... Isn't that what REASON is for anyway?!?!

Also there's supposed to be a possibility of incompatibility with other devices on the firewire bus... so if this IS true it may ahve to be the ONLY device on the bus! I hope this is not true! I'm guessing that for now, it's just a baby early-stage driver... They mentioned that 'certain harddrives may not work properly' blah blah..

maybe that's just HD's that don't don;t adhere to ieee1394 spec correctly... unless the REAL problem lies in the DEVICE itself...

we'll see... I DO have an external SOHO Firewire drive (2.5" IBM mech) with the Oxford911 chipset - is there any MORE compatible with that? i'm aware of NO problems with that chipset...

oh well here's hoping!

p.s. if ya get a sec, PLEASE listen and comment on the new Etyrnal track (finally - life got a little hecktic) called "Tingo Tango International Theme" located at ...


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