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Old 2003-09-05, 23:22
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With all this talk of feature requests lately...

Now that the Reason 3.0 feature requests have been "in full effect" for awhile, I thought I'd take a step in the other direction and see what kind of track I could come up with, using only SubTractors and FX. Raapie and friends did a cool project like this not too long ago; I remember being interested in it, but it happened during a musical slump for me, so I unfortunately could not participate. I've made my first all-SubTractor track, and would like to share it with the board. Yes, I realize this should be on the Music board, but I'm mentioning this mainly in response to all the feature requests of late, to remind people that the glass is also half full; look what you can do with nothing but a pile of SubTractors and some FX.

All of the sounds in this track are generated by SubTractor synths, including each drum sound. All of these sounds were made by me, from scratch (starting always with the "Init Patch"). No external mastering done; this came straight out of Reason, and was made into an MP3 by iTunes.

For ye of little faith, or on dialup, it's trip hop, with a deep, emotional flavor to it (as is my custom, no matter what genre I attempt).

Here's the track...
My All-SubTractor Track

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