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Old 2003-09-06, 23:24
nmendoza nmendoza is offline
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Reason sound quality vs Hardware sound quality.. same DAC

I dont know how many people have experienced this, however, this is the scenario,

I created sound files of vocal files from pro tools that i wanted to load up in reason and trigger them from any reason NNsampler. Heres the problem, I noticed that the vocals were thin and tinny coming from reason, but wait, check this out, i also have an mpc3000. I also loaded the vocal sample files on my mpc. and they sounded great. now here is where i get confused. I am using the same Digital to Analog converters on both reason and the mpc. I run all my digital sources into protools HD...... why does reason sound so thin and the mpc sound much better when im using my own the same sample rate, the same bit depth and the same DAC???

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