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Old 2003-09-10, 16:37
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Organ with 34 *HOURS* of pipe organ samples on it!

About Trinity Church in NYC, 200 yards from Ground Zero. Their Aeolian Skinner Pipe Organ was destroyed/rendered useless in the aftermath.

From the New York Times, Sept 10, 2003. By JAMES R. OESTREICH:

"The Trinity congregation has limped along since the church reopened in November 2001 with a jury-rigged system of electronic keyboards and synthesizers. "We call it the Toaster," Mr. Burdick said, evoking a term used by pipe organ aficionados to dismiss electronic organs generally.

Electronic organs, to be sure, don't get much respect from music professionals. But if Trinity's new instrument is not your grandfather's pipe organ, neither is it your father's electronic organ.

Mr. Burdick, who has long been involved in electronic music, joined the Marshall & Ogletree builders at the drawing board. Their goal was to produce the best instrument that could be conceived within current technological limits if price were no object.

The resulting prototype relies not on one computer but on 10 of them. It also deploys 74 large speakers

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