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Old 2003-09-12, 16:51
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OT: Thank God Propellerheads aren't ran like Valve Software

Not sure how many of you guys are gamers, but I am and I have been looking forward to the release of Half-Life 2 for quite some time.

The writer of the game, Valve, is almost the game community equivelent of Propellerheads - some of their key people were at one time affiliated with a larger software company (Valve's Gabe Newell worked for Microsoft; some Props devs came from Steinberg). They are very supportive of their customers, and they released breakthrough pieces of software that changed the industry.

Well, with the release of Half-Life 2, Valve has been promoting a system that will allow them to distribute the game without having to worry about printing up CD's, effectively cutting out the distribution channels altogether and getting their game via the Internet directly to your computer. By running 'Steam', it keeps all Valve software up-to-date and allows you unprecedented support. In theory.

The beta program wasn't without its problems, but essentially it went OK. The release candidate was supposed to be out a day ago, preparing the some 3 million + Half-Life/Team Fortress Classic/Counterstrike, etc customers for the release of Half-Life 2 later this month. However, for the past 2 days their servers have been down TOTALLY. No news, no forums - NOTHING. Not even a press release via other news channel partners to say, "hey - we're having a little problem - stay tuned".

I couldn't imagine the amount of damage this would do to a small software company like the Props; I can ony hope that Valve says something soon. I'm itchin' to club some zombie aliens with a crowbar. ;-)


Steam - which may or may not be working when you click this

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