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Old 2003-09-14, 07:18
josb josb is offline
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Possible to copy/paste controller automation data?

Is it not possible to copy/paste automation controller data?

I ask because I have a ReDrum connected to a mixer with a delay on aux 1. The base drum has some delay added using S1. I want to fade in the ReDrum by automating the mixer channel. But even though the ReDrum mixer channel slider is at 0 the delayed base drum can still be heard (strange if you ask me - it's like it bypasses the fader (pre-fader)). Anyway, so I figure I automate the ReDrum master volume instead, because that works as expected. But while I can copy the mixer fader controller data, Reason won't let me paste it into the ReDrum master volume controller lane. I must be doing something wrong, but what?


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