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A whole BUNCH of pieces

I bought Reason 2.0 in March, and upgraded to 2.5 as soon as it was available. And since March, I've been PRETTY busy...

... is where my stuff is posted. Because of some odd happenstance in my uploading, "Album 2" is actually the most recent collection. "Album 3" is the next oldest, and finally (and logically) "Album 1" is the oldest.

"Album 2" and "Album 3" are 100% Reason.

"Album 1" is mainly Korg stuff (Karma and Triton) from the past couple of years AND some Juno-6 stuff I did about fifteen years ago. Probably of less interest to this board.

On the "Featured Songs" list, they're 90% Reason, but I think there's an old Juno piece in there. But those are just selections from the albums anyway.

"Gorgon" (on Album 2) is my most recent piece, uploaded just a week ago or so.

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