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Old 2003-09-15, 07:22
christofer christofer is offline
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Lucky i did i test i need a CPU Upgrade!

Hi, thanks to all who advised me earlier on whther to get a Memory upgrade or not. Turns out i did a test with Reason and when my computer cranked out the memory was at 10% of it's capacity while the CPU was at 95%... Guess that means i need a CPU upgrade.. Now is it worth me getting??? I kind of need it badly as i am working on more complex songs no with much heavier loads and it's just frustrating having you computer not handle the weight. Especially as i'm just about to add Logic to my setup i think it's time for the upgrade. I've never done a CPU Upgrade before so don't really know what i need. What do you think i would need to get this baby up and running smoothly..... It's a Mac G4 667Mhz PowerPC Processor running on a Powerbook...... Would i need to buy another processor and most importantly is it really worth me doing?? I can't afford to go out and buy another Mac as i only bought this one last year... I haven't a clue about how much CPU upgrades cost so please let me know any info..

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