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How crappy is SB Live?

I have a standard PC from my employer on which i'm running reason. It's equipped with an SB live soundcard. I have gathered it's not the ultimate card for music production, but just how crappy is it? I get reasonable latency (10ms) and the sound quality is fine in my ears. One thing I've noticed is that the audio out clipping lights up very easily. Can that be a problem with the sound card? Worth mentioning is also that I only have the PC speakers + subwoofer (it sucks, I know). Anyway my point is that I'm getting acceptable results with this setup for my purposes, but if I was to take it a step further, what would be the first thing to upgrade? Sound card? Some decent speakers/monitors? Something else?
If you're wondering what my purposes are it's just to make some music for my own sake and maybe force some friends to listen to it. I don't have any ambitions being a full time musician. I bought reason about a year ago because I used to play around with hardware synths a few years back and I wanted to see what software can do these days. Also I couldn't find any good commercial electronic music so I figurued I'd just make my own music. I'm very pleased with Reason and quite happy with my creations so far. The only drawback is I'm getting pretty poor sound quality when burning CDs but that's probably becase my mastering skills are close to zero (I'm fiddling with wavelab), or maybe it's because of my mediocre hardware setup. Anyway, any hints and tips are appreciated.

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