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Clipped sounds Recording Drum loops?!?

I'm using a drumkat midi drum controller to play NNXT kits I've made--works great. I'm now trying to record the beats I'm playing into the transport panel at the bottom of the screen--this works fine too, until I try to record a loop. When I have the loop "on", it records and plays back the sound just fine the first pass through. however, when it goes back through the loop, whatever sounds i played the first round are very short and muted. As soon as i turn off the record button, playback sounds normal. I can turn the record back on, have everything sound normal for one pass, but as soon as i get back to where i turned record back on, the sounds i just recorded are muted and very short again. This continues with each layer i add--again i'm using loop mode with overdub record--any similar experiences? Any thoughts on how to have the sounds AND recording continue for multiple passes through a loop. The only fix i have is to very delibrately hit the record button on and off at the beginning and end of each loop--like a hardware looping device. If i don't have good timing, the sound problem occurs. I'm trying to get this ready for playing live, so i can't have the muted sounds--any ideas??? Can the record button be quantized? Is 2.5 different (I'm using 2.0)???


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