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Read the $#%*ing manual, people!

This post is intended to be positive and inspiring. Don't believe me? Read on.

In the last few weeks I've answered (and seen answered) quite a lot of questions that the poster would not have needed to ask if s/he has just taken the time to read the extremely good manual that comes with Reason (it's right there, in the same menu that the Reason icon is in).

Don't get me wrong - most of us experienced Reason users don't mind helping beginners - anything that helps Reason helps us all. And every so often, a question comes along that results in us learning something new as well.

But if you haven't ever bothered to read the manual, please consider this:


Sure, you might have figured out how to select your soundcard. How to get your midi coming in correctly. How to wire up send effects from the mixer, and so on. You're probably already making music, and that's testament to how easy Reason is to get started with.

But what DON'T you know how to do? What capabilities of Reason or its synths or effects have you never even realised were there? How much better could your music be if you knew about these?

The same goes for the "Discovering Reason" articles that are slowly accumulating on this site. There's some really incredible knowledge there just waiting to be absorbed into your brain and your music. All you need to do is skip one episode of Survivor and read an article instead. Print it out if you must and read it on the bus or something. Is that really such an onerous thing to do?

The bottom line is, if you don't take advantage of every free resource out there to learn this software, then you're denying yourself the opportunity to improve your music.

Think about it.


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