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Dumb Newbie questions about Reason...

Here's my situation. I have owned and operated a studio for years. I've migrated thru the ages from magnetic tape into 24 bit recording. I love it.

I am now interested in adding more sampling/synths, etc into my work.

I started out with another product and a decent midi controller. But, I hate the product. I have since wondered over here to this site and Reason seems very intriguing. And to be honest, it seems to do more than the other expensive mess I bought.

But, I have two questions, and they are definitely "newbie" questions. I think I've already read the answers on this site, but I would love to get some answers from folks that are actually using this and this place is loaded with experts...

My first question:
I hate using a midi controller (I'm terrible on keys) and I would like to work in a computer screen interfaced environment. Mouse/keys on screen. Am I correct that reason is capable of this?

Does Reason allow me to select/choose/make any possible key/drum/whatever sound? Basically, how robust is Reason?

I know these are really remedial questions, but I'm ready to drop the dime on this product and just want a few opinions...

Thank You,

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